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What We Do

Abel U offers year-round respite care and community participation activities to children and youth aged 14 to 29 with Autism and developmental disability.

About Abel U

Abel U is a Day Program and Respite service that provides structured and fun leisure time, experiential learning and community inclusion. We offer year-round respite care and community participation activities to children and youth age 14 to 29 diagnosed with Autism, developmental disability, learning disability and more.
We offer a 30-minute free assessment and an intake to understand which services suit you the best for you.
With low youth-to-staff (1-1, 2-1) ratios, our outstanding staff are committed to building a strong rapport with each youth (member). Abel U staff are energetic, enthusiastic and caring.

Transportation provided!

We make it a top priority to deliver a memorable and fun experience for the members and a break for Caregivers and parents.

Caregivers and parents

At Abel U, we believe Caregivers deserve to rest! Abel U offers flexible hours and scheduling at your convenience with transportation..
Our service is person-directed and evidence-based. Our community-based activities, volunteering opportunities and participation are mobile.

We are proud and go ahead early to help all friends.

Our Vision

To develop a learning, structured, fun and trusting atmosphere for all youths and young adults with disabilities to foster and live a healthy life.

Our Values

Respect, Dignity and Fun

Our Mission

To promote EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion by enhancing the quality of life for youth and young adults with disabilities through experiential learning, community participation and inclusion

Our Values

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